Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oreo's Fun in the Snow

Ms. Oreo...Sitting Pretty...after running all over and doing all her sniffing and checking out the mailbox damage. Heck, even she knew something was wrong...she was growling and burffing at the mess!

Now the fun starts! Do NOT try to shovel snow with this dog nearby! She started out chasing the snow I was throwing from the shovel...that quickly turned to "get the shovel"!

Oreo spys the shovel laying on the bottom step... I wrestle it away from her and try to carry it back to the house.

She's grabbing it and growling, almost pulling it from my grasp. Hey, you should have seen her while I was actually doing the shoveling! Unfortunately I can not shovel snow AND take pictures at the same time! LOL

Dang she's fast...she's blurry in every picture! And yes, it is still snowing! I did get the shovel back to the house...and it's unharmed. She seems to want nothing to do with the shovel now that it's sitting in the kitchen! Hmmmm...silly dog!

Some late night excitement

I was just finishing up on the computer and was putting the rocking chair back in front of the picture window when I glanced out the window to see a vehicle coming down the road, off the berm of the road, down onto our little rock wall, narrowly missing the electric pole, completely demolishing our mailbox, crossing my driveway and hitting a tree. I went to wake up Bill...hey, no way I'm dealing with a most-likely drunk idiot at 1 a.m....well, not alone anyways! :) From the bedroom window, while getting his pants on, Bill watched the guy back up and drive away. Hmmm, I'd love to be a little birdie when he sees just how much damage he did to his truck! Since the silly dog wanted out early (7 a.m is early when I'm not working) are some pictures of the scene!

I'm standing in the driveway, taking this shot up the road, where he started to come off the can see the tire tracks coming down off the road, towards the rock row. You can also see the remains of where the mailbox post USE to be! LOL And just how close he came to the electric pole!

For this shot, I just turned and took a picture down the road...I'm still standing in the driveway, same spot as I took the first picture can see the mark on the tree where he hit it...and the tire tracks where he backed up and pulled back out onto the road. You can also see two pieces of molding / trim from his truck!

Here's what's left of where the mailbox WAS...the black thing is the newspaper tube, it's still connected to the metal post that's bent completely over. I haven't found all of the wooden mailbox post yet...some of it is there under the paper box!

And the imfamous mailbox! :) For this picture...I just turned even farther to the right...than the picture above. The mailbox, apparently came off the post and flew almost 100 feet to land's totally unharmed. Wanna guess what Bill is doing today??? :)

Friday, January 19, 2007

April's Candles

Some of you might know that my sister makes candles. Just something she dabbles in as a hobby; using mostly craft store supplies. I'm forever adding candle-making things to my soap supply orders for them. Above are some of the candles she's made for me. This year's Christmas present was the big three-wick chunk candle along with the matching square pillar. Last year was that cool slab candle in the bottom left of the picture. Wayyy cool! We keep our jars from Home Interior, PartyLite, Home and Gardens and Yankee candles and she reuses them for some very pretty and unique jar candles. What I like best is she keeps refilling my Longaberger holiday crocks for me! BTW, that's her (on the left) and me (one the right) in that picture sitting amongst the candles...that pic is about 10 years old.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snowball Dance

Saturday night the kids were off to the Snowball Dance. Billy left here at 1 p.m. in the filthiest jeans he owns, a black t-shirt, holey shoes and a ripped up hoodie. I did iron a charcoal gray dress shirt and Nicole's mom bought him a lavender colored tie. So I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best! Tonight I found a memory card laying on the kitchen table; he had promised to bring me Nicole's camera I popped it into the printer and lookie what I found! :)

What a cute couple...guess Billy really did have some *dress* clothes with him when he left the house! :)

My sister-in-law is a beautician and cuts my hair (Billy's too). She did Nicole's up-do for the dance. I didn't see it and soooo wanted to; she's such a pretty girl and she really dresses up well. I don't know who took this, I'm assuming my son did, but I'm glad they did...I get to see a bit more of her hairdo!

And this is the picture my son is most proud of...posing with her dad's guns! And, unbelieveably, this is the best pic of them...such smiles!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Knitting...yes, I'm still knitting...

What...well, socks for my sister from yarn she picked out back in MAY! A scarf for a girl I work with...and a whole stash of goodies just waiting on me. ;)

Here's that scarf...this is Bernat's Bling-Bling yarn...what a PIA to knit with! LOL Basically it's a strand of eyelash, with some sparkley stuff and tuffs of something soft. The tuffs keep getting caught in the stitches and are annoying the daylights out of me! But this is one skein finished...and I think only half of the second will be needed to get a good length for Sheana. I hope to have it finished on Friday when she comes back to work.

...and my yarn stash...socks, socks, socks, a scarf or two and a shawl for my sister. Now that I'm looking at that basket full of yarn...what in the world is that ball of fun fur doing in there amongst all that lovely wool, alpaca, and cashmere???

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The House Kitties

Technically we have only one "kitty"...but, thanks to my sister, we also have a stuffed kitty dog toy! Orrie loves her stuffed kitty...BUT...some people who live in this house like to say the "get the kitty" phrase and Orrie; well, being the dog that she is, she likes the *real* kitty! Here's a couple of pictures of the "get the kitty" game...

Orrie and her *stuffed* kitty! Ahhh, ingore the muddy paw prints on the floor...I know it needs mopped...I was just waiting for the ground to freeze's sooo muddy here it makes no sense to mop the floor. Trust me, one of the animals (or the kid) will want out/in as soon as the floor is finished!

AC, the *real* Kitty...after being chased, cornered and clawed/hissed her way to safety. As you can see, she's still a pit pissed-off! LOL Orrie's favorite thing to is root with her nose...she roots AC so hard the poor cat goes flying several feet across the floor. She usually comes down growling with claws exposed.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas & New Years

First of all...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Oh what a Holiday Season it was! I've been off work since December 22...and I'm just *now* getting caught up! LOL The holidays went well...a bit too fast, but everything was wonderful. I had some extra time off work to spend with my sister while she was home. Bill did great with his shopping and picked out the *perfect* gifts. One of which, I'm still learning how to use...a new digital camera WITH a zoom lense. Hmmm, me thinks he may read my blog?!!! :) So, here are a few pictures from the holidays...with the new camera...

Oreo visiting with Sport in his crate. They lick and bite at each other though the crate. Annoying but sorta funny! When they are loose together, they do the same thing.

Sport, alone in his cage...with a stolen box. He ran out into the kitchen, circled around mom, jumped up, took the box out of her hands and ran into his cage and proceeded to destroy the box! OK, it was sorta funny!

And this is the husband...being a ham...OK, he's actually staring off in space! ;)