Sunday, January 29, 2006 other passion

Today was spent in my basement working on making some soap. I cleaned up the soaping area, put away the cured soap, cleaned the curing rack, cut the five batches I made yesterday and lined them up on the curing racks. While I was doing that, I thought I'd take some pictures of my soaps. So, here are the ones I made for Christmas gifts...mostly for my family.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

What's On the Needles

I was busily knitting away on those socks...when Hubby asked for a scarf. OK, hubby actually *wants* something knitted; I'll knit it! :) Sooo, here it is. Double stranded worsted weight wool in Latte from Nature Spun. I wanted something more than just a garter stitch. Sooo, I decided on moss stitch...but wanted more than that. Sooo, the pattern is five stitches of garter stitch, 11 of moss stitch and five of garter stitch.

Here's a close up of the stich.

Now, I suppose you want to know how far those socks got before I started the's the progress on those!

And that's all that is on the needles!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mom's Hat

OK, here it's hat after felting! Looks just like the picture on the pattern does. It fits pretty nicely, although it's a bit big on my head...but it'll fit over mom's ponytail quite nicely.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

My Knitpicks order arrived Friday Friday afternoon I the Decadence (in chocolate) yarn balled and the first seven inches of this hat done. This is the I'll Pack A Hat pattern from Knitpicks. My mom wanted a hat to pull down over her ears to shovel snow with...but didn't want a stocking cap. She seen this pattern in my Knitpicks catalog and said, "I'll have that hat." and handed me a $20 for the yarn! Soooo, she's got herself a hat! :) I felted it tonight and will post a picture of the finished hat soon.

Here's a vest I made for my mom. It's a free pattern from LionBrand, a tear off pad at Walmart. The yarn I used is Homespun in Blue Ridge (the color is discontinued). I added the buttons and the button holes to the pattern.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Two Socks on Two Circular Needles...

Well, I've started anohter pair of socks... A knitting friend got me doing socks. I made a pair for my mom for Christmas. They were supposta be for Mother's Day...but it took me until Christmas to finish them! I just couldn't get into doing them, I'd do a row and lay it down. And the second sock! My goodness it took me almost three months to even start it! Sooo, this time I'm doing both of them at the same time, toe up. The yarn is Dancing from Knitpicks, in the color "swing".

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Potato Chip Scarves...I found the pattern on Knitpicks site and decided the girls I babysit *needed* these! I made two from Twister yarn and one with Disco yarn. A friend seen them and said her grandaughter would love I used the left-over Disco yarn and made another one!

These are some of the hats and scarves I made for Christmas gifts. I started knitting and decided that I love I made everyone felted hats!


I'm just setting up the bear with me while I learn what I'm doing! I know just enough about computers to be extremely dangerous to one. LOL