Thursday, August 06, 2009

Alice Cooper at the Clearfield County Fair

The wonderful stage curtain...what we stared at for 20 minutes before the concert started. It rained briefly...just enough to wet things...the wind wrinkled up the curtain and the stage crew had to fix it. They ended up taking it completely down and then re hanging it. This gave us a look at the stage they were trying to hide! ;)

This is Alice...when he first walked out on stage. This is how close Billy was...without a zoom lense on his phone.

This is his Cold Ethyl Doll that he dances with

The nurse is really his daughter...with a red wig...

Any of you who truly know me...knows that I could go on and on about this concert...and most of you have probably already heard me ramble on about it... ;) Soooo, this time I'll just leave you with Billy's pictures! Just remember...I'm going to another Alice concert in September...and...I'll have MY camera then! ;)