Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mowing the Grass

I guess the yard just isn't suppose to get mowed!

Begin lawn mowing story YESTERDAY!

Sun shining brightly, hardly a cloud in the sky...move car...start mower...mow one lap around front out of gas...coast the mower (choking and sputtering) to Bill's garage...fill gas tank...get dog out to field...shut mower off...screw dog cable into ground...find damn dog...chain her up...get on mower...start mower...wind blowing like a lap around field...huge rain drops start is blacker than Oreo...grab dog...leaving cable behind...beat our ass back to the garage...back mower in...bail to car...a grassy AND wet Oreo beat me in the front seat...moved her ass out of the way...pulled car into garage...get out of car...get Oreo out of car...shut car door while keeping Oreo out of the blasted vehicle...get out of garage...get Oreo out of garage...shut garage door...hit Oreo with garage up board walk...get to house...stumble through door with Oreo between my legs. house. and I'm wet, grassy, pissed and somewhat bemused! And it rained for the next five hours! Hmmmph, guess I ain't planting the garden either!
FF to today at 11:30... Let's put today in a nut shell...cuz I've been out mowing...or trying to mow for the past 6 hours! Let's see...I learned my lesson yesterday...Oreo is NOT mowing with me again!!! So I tied her to the swing set and started to mow. Mowed the entire front yard, no problem...started the back yard and ran out of gas...filled the gas tank and headed out to the field...mowed 2/3 of the field, mower keeps stalling out in the high grass...I ran over a dead and half-rotted opossum...then ran over the shotgun shell that killed decomp'in 'possom...limped the barely running mower to house. Can't find I parked it right in the middle of his driveway and came into the house.
I did some house chores until he came dragging his butt home from Challengsworth's garage. He proceeds to fix mower (throttle cable came loose and vibrated off, hence the stalling out and no power). He finished and was, I decide to go to town for stuff to make raspberry pie. Came home and he was in the garage working on something else. Sooo, I ventured out to see how the yard was. Now I should have known better...the mower was NOT in my garage...after 23 years of this man...I should have known the yard wasn't finished! Yup, he did about three circles and a couple paths through every single piece of unmowed grass we own!!!! If there is one thing I can not stand it's big loopies cut out of a square piece of unmowed grass...that I have to square back up and mow!!! GRRRRRR....
Anyway, I hopped back on the mower and started squaring it up to mow...I finished the back yard...the horse pasture and the little bit of the field I didn't get done...and it was blowing and getting dark...and raining HUGE drops of rain...I beat it to the the mower in the garage, got my car in the garage...ran to Bill's garage and put up the Taurus windows and the truck's windows while he pushed motorcycles and stuff back into the garage. Now, on the way back to the house I remembered that I didn't mow under the bird feeders or back by the blue shed. Now I'm pissed...been mowing for two days and still don't have it all finished! Damn good thing I have three days in a row off....I need it all just to mow the yard!
Anyway...raspberry dessert is the fridge...coleslaw is made and ready to go. And Billy is driving us both crazy with his indecisions. And with that...I'm heading to mom's for supper...WITHOUT the kid; until he makes up his mind...and without posting this entry because he's on the *&^%$%# phone BTW, it's no longer raining...and the sun is shining! Oh yea, and I'm more than a little peeved! Here's hoping everyone's holiday weekend is going better than mine!!! ;o)

BTW, don't wear Crocs and prop you feet up on the mower for three hours in the bright sunlight. Yup, I have sunburn dots on my feet...13 of them to be exact!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rambling Vines and Rambling Thoughts

Hmmm, I wasn't even going to do a picture with this post...then I remembered the hapazard rambling hops vine that I still haven't tied up...and the spearmint that is overtaking the entire garden! This was taken a few weeks ago...and now you can see no rocks at all...none!

It's been a long week...lots of working overtime even though we have very few parts in the building to inspect. Honestly, I can not figure out how they think! Convoluted is the best word to describe it. They laid 17 people off on Thursday...called five of them back Friday morning...and told another ten to call on Tuesday! Just doesn't make sense to me. Sooo, I have 20 hours of OT on the next pay check...and just in time for a trip to my sister's house!

Yup, it's that time of year...time for the annual mother-daughter-grandson Harrisburg shopping trip. I asked off the 1, 2, and 3 of June. I'm picking mom up at 8:30 and we're heading down to meet April for some greenhouse shopping and eating. Billy is coming down at dark. He and his new girlfriend are spending the last day of school together. Billy is finished with school for the year at 9 a.m. and she goes until 10 (different schools). Then they are meeting one of Billy's friends and his wife and all four are going to an afternoon movie and supper before he heads down to my sister's. He hates greenhouse/plant he's skipping out on all the how-many-plants-can-you-fit-into-one-car fun! Seriously, one year we had so many plants that Bill had to come down and take some home on Saturday!!!

My goals for today included, a trip to the bank, post office, grocery store, dollar store, car wash...and some yard work that included tying up that miserable rambling hops vine, yank out some of that peppermint, plant the garden (the vegetable garden), mow the yard and the field. Well...I got the lawn mower the whole way around the yard ONCE and it started raining. It's still raining! Sooo, I did laundry and cooked up a storm! Right now we're getting ready for a wiener roast...yes, in a soaking wet yard with a tiny bit of drizzle! Hey, I'm only letting the weather ruin *some* of my plans!

Friday, May 18, 2007

My *new* Car

2002 Saturn SL2

Yes, it was an impulse purchase. We weren't really *looking* for a's time, but we've been procrastinating. For any of you who truly know'll know that is not an understatement! LOL On grocery night, I drove past one of the used car lots and this car caught my attention...caught it enough that I pulled right into the lot. It was past their hours, so I was able to *shop* without intrusion. Well, I thought about this car all dang Monday, I went back when they were open! Last night we drove down and brought her home! I usually dislike dealing with car salesmen and dealerships...but this place was exceptional! The saleswoman and the owner fixed every issue I had with the car. I was impressed! Soooo...this is my new car! We kept the Taurus...Bill is driving it now and Billy is taking it on two "day trips" he has in the plans for the next few weeks (Pittsburgh and Harrisburg).

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Landscape Walk

The sidewalk going up to the front door. This is mostly unused and the steps need redone, but the phlox are georgous! Ahhh, don't ask about that rock laying in the middle of the sidewalk. Oreo has a nasty habit of carrying rocks around in her mouth...and yes, she was outside with me when I was taking these pics!

Here's a better view of the phlox...this is taken standing in my driveway. 12 years ago, when I did this landscaping, these were in four inch pots. I never dreamed they would get so large. This is my favorite part of the landscaping...when these are blooming!

My new tulip bulbs are blooming. The first ones...the little tiny red ones that come up with the crocus...well, Oreo ate all the buds off of those! These were a little farther back in the flower bed and she couldn't quite reach these! LOL

And the lilac bush. This poor thing has been moved twice and frozen back last year. It budded out nicely last spring and was frozen so badly it never I was delighted to find flowers on it! This is my favorite flowering tree/bush/shrub...reminds me of my Grandma's house. She had the old fashioned lilacs that were huge. I mean, huge...bigger than Bill's motorcycle shed!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Prom '07

Looking Good!
Well, sorta...his patten leather rented shoes are in the backseat of *my* car. And, Nicole, being a wonderful girl, made him wear them at the prom. Man, I love that girl! :)

Getting a little help from Grandma (my mom).

OK, my son is truly evil! This is while backing out of the driveway...Nicole is buckling her seatbelt and my kid is taking a moment to share his innermost feelings with his mother! As some of you know, this is somewhat of a family joke...and by no means the first time he's flipped the bird at the camera!