Saturday, January 05, 2008

Winter --- Uggh!

Here's a photo from last year. BUT, amazingly the front porch looks EXACTLY the same right now! Yes, it does. The only difference is that it's about 10 degrees outside right now and there are still Christmas lights hiding underneath this year's snow! Last night's temperature was double digits BELOW zero! It's been freezing at work, but I guilted them into turning up the at least today it was in the lower 60's at work. By the middle of next week we're suppose to hit outside temperatures in the upper 50's. OK, I'm being pessismestic and I don't believe it! BUT...that's what they are saying!

We had a wonderful Christmas....I even had a few days off work. My sister and her husband were here Christmas Eve until the 27th. So I got some good quality family time...and even took a day off work (the 26th). Well, I had to wake my sister up at noon to go shopping. BUT, what I didn't tell her, is that I had already been to Walmart in St. Marys for the first go-around of after-Christmas wrapping supplies!

All is well...and I'll try to post more pictures and be a more consistent poster. First, I have to learn how to get pictures from my digital camera onto the computer. Don't ask...the stupid computer is missing *something* and it keeps telling me I need the Windows Melliumn disk...which I do not have...hey, it isn't in with the recovery disks! I'm not sure if the new printer I bought will read the memory cards. It's supose to...but when I was installing it I got the pop up window asking for the Windows ME who knows! Worse case sceanero this old 'puter is going to my son's friend's house for a major work up! ;)

Right now I have two teenagers and a 27 inch TV in Billy's bedroom...and a pizza in the oven. Should be an interesting evening...especially considering it's almost 1 a.m.!