Saturday, January 20, 2007

Some late night excitement

I was just finishing up on the computer and was putting the rocking chair back in front of the picture window when I glanced out the window to see a vehicle coming down the road, off the berm of the road, down onto our little rock wall, narrowly missing the electric pole, completely demolishing our mailbox, crossing my driveway and hitting a tree. I went to wake up Bill...hey, no way I'm dealing with a most-likely drunk idiot at 1 a.m....well, not alone anyways! :) From the bedroom window, while getting his pants on, Bill watched the guy back up and drive away. Hmmm, I'd love to be a little birdie when he sees just how much damage he did to his truck! Since the silly dog wanted out early (7 a.m is early when I'm not working) are some pictures of the scene!

I'm standing in the driveway, taking this shot up the road, where he started to come off the can see the tire tracks coming down off the road, towards the rock row. You can also see the remains of where the mailbox post USE to be! LOL And just how close he came to the electric pole!

For this shot, I just turned and took a picture down the road...I'm still standing in the driveway, same spot as I took the first picture can see the mark on the tree where he hit it...and the tire tracks where he backed up and pulled back out onto the road. You can also see two pieces of molding / trim from his truck!

Here's what's left of where the mailbox WAS...the black thing is the newspaper tube, it's still connected to the metal post that's bent completely over. I haven't found all of the wooden mailbox post yet...some of it is there under the paper box!

And the imfamous mailbox! :) For this picture...I just turned even farther to the right...than the picture above. The mailbox, apparently came off the post and flew almost 100 feet to land's totally unharmed. Wanna guess what Bill is doing today??? :)


At 1/21/2007 09:06:00 AM, Blogger Becky said...

Look at that poor mailbox, that's happened to us so many times I pity the next person to hit it, it's been reinforced several times over, *snort*

At 1/21/2007 05:47:00 PM, Blogger Katya said...

Let's just hope this fellow has a CROTCHETY old bag for a wife who BLASTS him when she sees that truck! hehehehehehe Things like that really bug me, but I guess you just have to roll with the blows....we have kids (I assume) come through on our road every once in a while and they go down the road, ripping mailboxes off their posts and throwing them. Such a stupid and senseless waste of time and money....wish I could catch them just one time. Ah well, this world is full of some strange birds, eh?

At 1/25/2007 10:56:00 PM, Blogger Gretchen said...

I see you've had your drunk driver meeting for the year. Why do they run when they have ruined their truck? Makes no sense.

Glad noone was hurt and the damage to your property is minimal. We go to court on Wednesday for our drunk. :(


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