Sunday, January 14, 2007

The House Kitties

Technically we have only one "kitty"...but, thanks to my sister, we also have a stuffed kitty dog toy! Orrie loves her stuffed kitty...BUT...some people who live in this house like to say the "get the kitty" phrase and Orrie; well, being the dog that she is, she likes the *real* kitty! Here's a couple of pictures of the "get the kitty" game...

Orrie and her *stuffed* kitty! Ahhh, ingore the muddy paw prints on the floor...I know it needs mopped...I was just waiting for the ground to freeze's sooo muddy here it makes no sense to mop the floor. Trust me, one of the animals (or the kid) will want out/in as soon as the floor is finished!

AC, the *real* Kitty...after being chased, cornered and clawed/hissed her way to safety. As you can see, she's still a pit pissed-off! LOL Orrie's favorite thing to is root with her nose...she roots AC so hard the poor cat goes flying several feet across the floor. She usually comes down growling with claws exposed.


At 1/18/2007 09:59:00 AM, Blogger Becky said...

Orrie has gotten so big!
AC crax me up, nothing like a pissed off cat!


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