Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fireman's Parade - Marching Billy

Yes, I know they are all out of step! Billy looked at the picture and just shook his head. He's a senior next year and is the section leader of this will be his first problem! LOL

I worked until 3; the parade started at 3. The foreman let me change at 2:45 and he was standing at the time clock when I came out of the bathroom (from changing). He called me over and said, "Go ahead and leave, I'll punch you out at 3." Soooo, I got to leave 7 minutes early. I snuck around the back streets and found a parking spot only one block from Main Street, right near the judges stand. Granted I parked in the middle of a huge mud puddle in an undeveloped lot at the corner of the RR tracks...but still! case you don't know...Billy is the one on the left...with the quints...and he **is** in step!


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