Monday, June 04, 2007

Another Trip to Sis's House

...and I took pictures this time! :) Remembered the camera...remembered extra batteries...and the weather cooperated enough to take pictures!!! It rained like a bugger on Friday night while we were eating supper, then not again until we were home Sunday night. It was hot, though...hotter than the dickens...and muggy too! Oh the joys of living next to a huge river!

Here's Sis's house...a view from the back. The house, their garage-turned-into-storage-shed, their garden, their birdbath and just a wee bit of one of the many bird feeders. I took this standing up on the hill, almost in the cemetery.

Ahh, Mom and Sis...standing at the top of the hill where the above picture was taken. See the Cemetery??? :) Oh, and if April sees this, she's liable to kill me...she hates her picture taken!

Another picture from my vantage point in the cemetery...the river that is just three blocks and across a six lane highway...this was taken without using any zoom and from exactly the same place as the house picture was taken.


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