Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cabin Fever Shopping Trip

Yup, it's that time of year...the time of year that I hate. Being snowed in, frozen half-to-death and suffering from a serious case of Cabin Fever! Sooo, I gave into my craving for Starbucks and headed off to State College. My sister's schedule is screwed up this month, so she didn't have *her* weekend off...but I went anyway! I managed to drink four Venti Vanilla Latte's and brought one home for breakfast!

OK, so I didn't drive 75 miles just for Starbucks...I also went to Barnes and Noble to get Bill a couple of his Classic British Motorcycle magazines; which was my main reason for the trip. And, naturally...I had to stop in at Bath & Body Works. Spent $50 in there...I just love their Sensual Amber scent...and their new Black Current and Vanilla aromatherapy scent. And, I had to go to CJ Banks and The Dress Barn. Oh and the sales I found! Here's my new clothes!

OK, so I'll admit to buying a sweater I already have! But, who can't use two basic black mockturtle neck sleeveless shells? I'm not really a blue lover, but this sweater fit so nicely...and it goes well with my only pair of jeans. And, I found a shell that goes perfectly with it (it's laying above it in this picture). All on clearance!

I'm not usually one for matching sets...especially sweater sets. BUT, this one was the perfect color and had some beautiful bead work...and both pieces were 70% off! And look at this skirt that I found to match! The coolest part is the fringe on the bottom of the skirt and the fact that it was also 70% off! Now I need a pair of boots!

Ahhh, here's something that is *me*! And it was 60% off! Hmmm, must have been thinking of this jacket when I purchased the second black sleeveless shell!

Here's my favorite purchase. I just love this stainglass looking shell. They only had it in one size, which was one size larger than I wear. BUT, it's not too huge...and my mom can alter just about anything. So here's tomorrow's after-Sunday-supper job! Not too bad for $12.49; yup, it was on clearance too... :)


At 2/11/2007 10:10:00 PM, Blogger Katya said...

Phooey! You shoulda called! I would have gone with you to State College! After all, my heart is still longing to visit the house at 512 West College Ave...My grandparents lived in that house for many of my formative years. So many memories. I loved that place so much because it was home to my grandparents. My grandfather built many a home there as a contractor, and my grandmother worked as a cook at a frat house. But, I must say, your finds were TERRIFIC!!! Good job!! Not being a very good shopper, I nearly turn somersaults when I am able to get a good deal! You did SO well! I love that stained glass look shell. It is so pretty, and it will go with so many different outfits! You did GOOD!


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