Friday, August 04, 2006


As some of you know, I've been looking for a job. I've been working with the Community Nurses as a Home Health Aide. The fun began on Tuesday when a local factory called for an interview. I was given a tour, their normal hire lecture and told the job was mine if I wanted it. Ahhh, yes... It's officially a part time benefits, insurance, etc...but it's 40 hours a week. It's close to home (ten minute drive), fairly nice as far as the local factories go in comparison, and not having to pay in towards hospitalization easily makes up for the no paid vacation. Bill's hospitalization is good and it works out for the best that I am not offered it at this job...otherwise Bill would be forced to drop me off his hospitalization.

I was going in to hand in my formal letter of resignation yesterday with the Community Nurses. Ahhh, that didn't exactly go as planned! :) As in, I didn't officially quit the community nurses job. They offered me part time to stay; which I immediately turned down. Part time is more hours than I was getting but not as many as the factory...and with part time I would have to rotate working holidays for them. I am a per diem employee, working "as needed" and this doesn't require working ANY holidays, just every other weekend. After talking with the employee manager and my scheduler for a while...we all agreed that I would stay on as VERY temporary. I would only have to work one shift a month to stay "active". So I said I would do that...I love doing that work...but around here it's so wide spread you can't make enough money to use it as a "job". Anyway, that's my saga for the week.

Tonight we're off to the fair again...going to see Poison (an 80's hair band...Billy's guitar god, CC DeVille...and my BIL's childhood friend, Rikki Rocket, as their drummer). Oh, and food...I'm going to be so stuffed tonight I'm sure I'll be in misery! Funnel Cakes, Crabby Sandwich, French fires, candy apples, deep-fried Oreos...all the good stuff!

Oh, and pictures...I'll get pictures as soon as I find some AA batteries in this house! I swear those things grow legs and crawl out of the silverware drawer where we keep them!


At 8/04/2006 08:15:00 PM, Blogger Jackie said...

Your job situation sounds snible to me. This sound like what in Oregon is called the "Oregon career"=3 parttime jobs and they still don't make the equivalent of one full time one.
Have a great time at the fair.Next year knit one of the green sweaters to go in the fair and just blow the judges away.

At 8/06/2006 06:13:00 PM, Blogger Becky said...

I'm still waiting on pictures!
hope you all had a great time and ate some deep-fried oreos for me!


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