Saturday, July 08, 2006

Kennywood - Great Landscaping and Fountains

This is the landscaping in front of the big carousal building. I really wish I had my 35 mm zoom camera...but I didn't wanna drag it around all day and let is sit on the bus. And, as it was, I forgot my digital camera, and bought a disposable one at the park. I had these developed and put on a disk at these are some expensive pics! ;) But it was funny because the kids had no clue that you could actually *buy* disposable cameras!

This is a little water fountain tucked away in the back of the only full service restaurant in the park. It is a path that doesn't get much foot traffic. I just loved these flowers and the way they had them arranged. I love the tropical looking multi colored leaves. And the music...see the green thing on the lower left side...speakers hidden through out the park with great music!

Yes, you are seeing this's a real clock, made with flowers and real clock hands. If you click on the picture you can see it in more detail (that zoom lense would have been nice for this pic too). They used bricks to represent the numbers and the little lines between the numbers. And, yes, it really was 12:45 p.m. when I took the picture! ;)

I love water fountains and they had so many nice ones in the I strolled around looking for photo ops! The kids just rolled their eyes at me taking "stupid pictures". This fountain was so's a big ball, and each end of the ball has a round spinner thing on it, spraying water. I was sitting at the table you see in the bottom of this picture and you could literally feel the mist from the fountain. And the noise it made was spectacular!

This is in the Lost Kennywood section of the park, the building behind the fountain is food places and a gift shop, I love the architecture...and that's the Steel Phantom's Revenge (the park's main attraction) steel roller coaster tracks you see off to the left...last year that thing gave me whip lash that lasted two months. This year I stayed "grounded" and didn't ride a single thing!

This fountain lake was just across the bridge walkway from the triple layer fish fountain above. The walk way separated them, the water flowed from the fountain above down under the walkway to this "lake". You could walk the entire way around this fountain lake. There were lots of park benches and cement benches and stones along the sides to sit and enjoy. See that tower in the background...that's the Pitfall ride...a 251 foot tall structure that offers a 229 feet drop, of which 150 feet are total free fall...reaching a maximum speed of 65 mph! NOT for me! This is one of two rides that I will NOT get on, not under any circumstances...or any amount of teasing or dares!

This wading pool and fountain was in the top part of the park, in the wooded section. Very pretty and quaint. I'm sitting on one of the benches that circled this half circle wading pool. You can see the benches on the other side.

This is a picture taken from the back of the park, the train tracks you see in the foreground are those of the park's little steam engine. I am standing behind a chain link fence in the corner of a picnic area...I so wanted to be over on those tracks taking the picture in that little open area. The hill you can see in the background is the little suburb of Pittsburgh that you drive through to get to Kennywood...that murky brown stuff you see between the tracks and the the Monongahela river. It was high and chocolate-milk brown. It is never a pretty river...but this was ickier than usual.

This is from the other side of the picnic area in front of the train's tracks. This is a manufacturing plant that uses the river as it's source of power. Kinda neat, when you take this train ride at the park, you get the history of the river and manufacturing of Pittsburgh...and a little park history.


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Wow, what an awesome place, love the pics, flowers and fountains, what could be better!


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