Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Lucy Saga - Part 2 - The Floor

The New Floor
Passenger's side...welded in place and primed

Now husband said he never wanted to replace another floor in a vehicle...well, Lucy had a couple of holes that he wanted to "patch" for a year or two before we completely redid the floor. Nice thought...however, one thing lead to another and he ended up replacing most of the floor! I didn't get the bright idea to take pictures until he had installed the floor pans. And, from these pictures, apparently he primed them as he put them in. They were nice and shiny metal when he brought them back from CJPony! Now, it was pretty un-nerving to watch him take the cutting torches and just cut out the rusted out floor! Even more un-nerving to watch him take the tin snips and just hack away pieces that the cutting torch left behind! I drove him nuts asking I came back in the house...probably for the best! LOL It was pretty cool to see the car with NO FLOOR at all...kinda Fred Flintstone-ish!

Driver's Side...with seat risers in place
The driver's seat riser was shot so was the seat rails...both of these replacement parts came from the boxes of stuff in that truckload of free parts Bill brought home from Pittsburgh. In this picture you can see the seat riser (right under the steering wheel), the back seat floor, the place the back seat should be (has the white whatever that stuff is laying where the seat bottom would be), the back seat panel is missing (that would be just to the left of the door), and the trunk area is the opening you see in the top left side of this picture. The cat loved it before the floor pans were put in place. She would go under the car, up through the floor, and go back and sleep in the trunk on the new trunk matting! Bill and her had quite a few comings-to over that!

New Carpet...laid out on the messy basement
This is a horrible picture...don't know what was on the camera lenses, didn't notice it until the pics were uploaded and by then the carpet was in the car. When we ordered it, we had no idea that it was formed to the contour of the car's floor. That was a big relief! The cutting, trimming and fitting was still a bit tedious...but much easier than either of us had anticipated.

The carpet laid in the car
The carpet is just laid in the front. It was quite a bit wider than we anticipated. We ended up cutting three or four inches off each side to get it the right width to fit under the door sills.

The back seat carpet
Hmmm, where does the carpet go? Behind the panel or in front of the panel? You know, I don't even know which Bill decided. I'll have to ask him! This is the back seat area. The rust colored primer is where the bottom of the back seat goes. This pannel is the side of the back seat area. You can see the back corner of the front door in this pic...this is the passenger side of the car.

New carpet...front and back fitted in
Ahh...looks nice, doesn't it? I took this picture last night...The car is almost done! Well, almost done for the 4th of July (my *need it drivable by* date). We still have a lot of little things to do...but we can do those while driving *enjoying* it! Oh, almost forgot a couple things...this is a new shifter boot that is actually attached to the floor. The old one, well, let's just say it gave me the heevy-geebies to look down under it and see the asphalt whizzing by under the car! And the CD player? It was in the car...the guy we bought it from ran it for one summer...and he needed TUNES! The stock radio is still in the are the dash speakers. Along with the CD player are two normal car speakers on the back dash...they are staying! :) Hey, I like tunes too! Although, sometime in the future, we are planning on hiding the cd payer in the glove box. And, by the looks of this picture...I need to get myself a key chain!


At 6/29/2006 08:47:00 AM, Blogger Becky said...

Boy, does Bill ever love you! LOL! that's a whole lotta hard work and it is really coming along, the carpet looks great!
had to laugh about the stick shift, seeing the ground whiz by, *snort*

At 6/29/2006 09:56:00 AM, Blogger jessica said...

Lucy is really coming along. Lots of hard work in that floor! You and Bill are doing a fantastic job... it really looks great! :)

At 6/29/2006 03:41:00 PM, Blogger Denise in PA said...

Thanks is a lot of work! Much more than I planned I know why Bill said he never ever wanted to replace another vehicle floor!


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