Monday, July 03, 2006

The Lucy Sage - Part 4 - New Glass!

Here's the car without a front windshield. The original windshield was starting to fog in the corners and get hazy. Since we needed a new headliner...and the headliner instructions said to remove the front and back windshield...well, we decided to put in new glass. This glass was from the truck full of parts Bill got near Pittsburgh...and was the reason he went after the parts. It's kinda weird to not see any black gaskets or chrome trim around the windshield.

And the front windshiled is installed...headliner is finished in this picture.

Here is the headliner stretched front to back, it still needed stretched side to side and glued into place when I took this picture. If you look closely in the first picture, you can see the inside of the headliner hanging down into the windshield area on the left side of that picture.

The back windshiled is in place, gaskets and all. The headliner is done and glued into place. Those few wrinkles you see in this picture came out with a quick shot of a heat gun.

Here's the side of the car, where the back triangle window behind the door would be. The window is out and so are all the felts and rubber gaskets.

And here it is with the window in place with the new gaskets and felts.


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