Saturday, July 08, 2006

Kennywood - A day with the Ridgway Marching Band

Billy --- Being Billy! ;)

Billy and his girlfriend, Nicole (she's in color guard), sharing a foot massager seat. Josh sitting on the other foot massager (he plays bass drum). Jimmy is standing on the left side of the picture (he plasy bass drum too). I ran into these guys in the park and they were broke and begging for frozen lemonaids... So gave Billy a $20 and let him keep the change for supper/dinner money. They hate their pics taken, hence the photo above! But...this is the price they pay for being beggars!

This is the drumline practicing before the parade. Everyone is in there *summer* uniforms. Let's see...Billy is the farthest to the right with his quads, Brandi is just sticking out in front of him a bit (she plays snare). The two of them share the section leader title. Mary is the other snare, she's on the left . Josh is in front with the biggest bass drum, Jimmy is right behind him...and I can't remember the other bass drummer's name. I'll ask Billy when he comes home from work!

Here's the band during the parade... I didn't make it to the spot in time to get the color guard or the piclo and flute players. Hey, after 10 hours in the park and a long uphill stretch to this photo vantage point...don't blame feet hurt! LOL

Vinnie and his sax-thingie, don't ask me which kind, I have no idea...I know drums and guitars! :) The drummers are right behind him...Brandi on snare...and Billy is just to her left, with his hair in his face. He seen me and flipped his hair down so I couldn't get a good pic of him. This is seems to be a problem with him!
And the bass drummers...Josh and Jimmy.


At 7/09/2006 12:18:00 PM, Blogger Becky said...

ROFL! Billy would fit right in with my clan, lol!


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