Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Trying Something New

Several new things to be exact. Here's the pair of STR socks that I started a while ago. I've finally gotten them up to the heel. I have only ever done the afterthought heel...but this time I'm trying the short row heel from the book Crazy Heels & Toes. I am just ready to start them but don't have enough stitch tomorrow, when I take Billy to work, I'm going to stop and get a pack of those tiny rubberbands you use in your hair. Yes, that's what the author suggests using! For once, I *totally* understand the directions! Well, I say that now! LOL

The next new thing...a cable shell for my sister. The name of this pattern is Twisted Stitches and the desginer is Sarah James. This is quite a ways beyond my knitting ability...or I should say, my attention span! LOL I am swatching the cable pattern to check for guage and to see if it looked OK using two strands of yarn. My sister picked this yarn and it's a bit thin for the patter. If I use two strands I get the guage listed on the pattern. Soooo...there you have it! Two new-to-me things! :)


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