Sunday, May 21, 2006

Socks for ME!

Time to knit something for myself. A few weeks ago, I dug this hank of STR yarn from my stash. It was a birthday present from my friend Frances (the lovely lady with tons of patiencs who taught me to knit socks). I balled it up. Now, that was a project! Two balls, equal in size, from one skein. But I managed. I rolled one from the inside, then started the other from the outside...rolled until they were the same size, and then I found the repeat in the colorway and cut the balls apart.

And there you have it...two balls of yarn. I just love this colorway...Fire on the Mountain. It's so *me*. I spent a bit of time with my Crazy Heels & Toes book figuring out a different cast-on method (mine sucks). I have both socks cast on...but have not knit anything yet. It was time to go to my mom's for supper...I'll start these tomorrow and take them to knitting "class" with me tomorrow night. I'm going to try the round toe technique in the CH&T book...and knit these in an allover k3p1 rib or maybe k4p1 rib. This will be my first pair of socks for ME!


At 5/22/2006 12:21:00 AM, Blogger Sweetpea said...

Oh Denise, that yarn is soo cute!
It will make darling socks and you need to make something for yourself!


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