Sunday, May 21, 2006

More Purchases!

A quick stop at the not-so-local yarn store gained me two skeins of Kroy sock yarn. Billy wants anothre pair of fingerless red. And I wanted some white sock weight yarn to use as "scrap yarn" for replaceable heels (figuring it'll be easier to see when I pick up the stitches). I was good...and only bought these two things. Well, she didn't have the three needles I was looking for. Why are Addi Natrua so hard to find? I prefer wood needles, and those Addi cables can't be beat!

My husband asked me if there was anything knitting related I wanted for Mother's Day. And I told him about these two books. He said, "Order them." So I did! :) They arrived on Friday. I've only had time to glance through them, but they look great. And, the Aran Sweater Desgin one came autographed! What a wonderful surprise!


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