Monday, June 05, 2006

Home Again!

My sister's lovely rose bush... OK, I'm jealous! And, I guess I better admit to NOT being able to grow roses! Niece! She wasn't too happy at being woke up and having her picture taken, but this is payback for all the times she hissed at me! Ahhh, she doesn't like company, and well, I was a bit over friendly! LOL

Let's, my sister and me...we did some greenhouse shopping, a knitting store, Target, Dicks, a bunch of dollar stores, AC Moore...and who knows what else! Meanwhile my BIL took my son and they hit every Hot Topic (5) and music store (CD's and instrument ones) in the general Harrisburg area.

The knitting store...I was good...and only bought the five needles on my list! They didn't have the lenghts I wanted in the size I needed in Addi I bought two pair of Inox to try. We had a wonderful time...and a very tiring weekend of shopping, traveling, and fun!


At 6/06/2006 11:20:00 AM, Blogger cathych said...

One of the perks of being in the south is that we are already having 90 degree days with lots of veggies. But by next month, OMG!

At 6/07/2006 12:54:00 PM, Blogger Becky said...

Ooooooh, steal her rose bush, hehehe
your niece is adorable!
glad you had a good time!


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