Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ms. Oreo

...sure is getting big! And no, she didn't pee on the porch! That's what Billy said the second he seen this picture. What a kid! I was watering the potted plants and got things a little too wet. Oh well, clay pots...they'll be dry again in no time.

My dad has her so spoiled! She goes to "grandpa's" once a week and again on Sundays for Sunday Supper. He really looks forward to her coming. Last night he had all her toys (yes, he bought her toys) laid out and was sitting on the floor waiting for her with a bag of Beggin Treats!


At 8/24/2006 12:48:00 PM, Blogger Becky said...

I'm telling you, we look at Sassy and it's a good thing we have pictures of her as a baby because we can't even remember what she looked like otherwise! they grow so fast!

At 8/24/2006 02:59:00 PM, Blogger Jackie said...

In less than two weeks, Oreo has gone from a baby girl puppy nose to a big girl proper Lab snout. She is just going to be beautiful, not that she isn't as cute as a bug now. But when she is full grown,she is going to be a knock out.

At 8/24/2006 09:31:00 PM, Blogger Katya said...

Oreo is certainly getting big fast! She is such a pretty girl. She looks like she is going to be such a great girlie!!!

How cool that your dad gets such a charge out of her, too. That is precious!

At 8/26/2006 12:09:00 AM, Blogger catsmommy said...

Hi - just saw your post. I have an Oreo also. He is a black and white cat who came to us as sort of a stray. His family lived a couple of blocks from here, but they made him stay outside all the time. He became the neighborhood wanderer until my daughter started feeding him. We didn't know who he belonged to and she named him Oreo. Turned out that was his name from his other family. His other family moved away and left him behind so we kept him. He has a triangular black patch on his face that looks like it fell off of his nose. His black tail has a ring around it about an inch from the end. I guess that is the filling in the Oreo cookie. Anyway we love him. We have 6 other cats and a 16 year old dog.

Good luck with the new job.

Bernie (

I wonder where the name catsmommy came from -ha.


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