Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Parker Dam State Park

For this shot...it's across the dam, but I used the zoom lense to get the boulder in the picture more clearly. You can see the one bouey thingie on the right side of the picture; this is out past the swimming area a bit. This is as close as the boats are allowed to the swimming area.

Here's the breast of the dam, showing the spillways. What I couldn't get a good picture of is off to the left of this, down stream...the water goes through a rock field funneling itself into a tiny mountain stream that it started as. That rock field is sooo cool...occasionally we go down the very steep somewhat treacherous steps and jump from rock to rock. There were so many fisherman down there that we didn't do that this time.

This is one view of the spillway at the breast of the dam; showing much more of the body of dam water than the first photo.

My Aunt use to take us swimming here several times every summer. I've had Billy there many times. Some of the more memorable times include renting paddle boats (you really can tip one over and leg craps are a riot!); renting a cabin for the weekend (outdoor bathrooms and a major snow storm made that November night a riot); the bathrooms (metal toilets during thunderstorms make for an interesting potty time!)...


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