Sunday, April 23, 2006

Three Harrisburg Knitting Stores -- Purchases

Oh what a fun weekend! I went to my sister's house Friday night...and Saturday morning she took me yarn store hopping. I think we were in every possible corner of the pouring rain and fog! :) Lots of good food, great BIL cooked me the bestest NY Strip steak. These are my purchases! Three different stores...each carrying different merchandise...and great selections! I controlled myself a bit...I did come home with some money left over... I'm planning on finishing up what's on the needles and then starting turning that Fortissima 1776 into socks for the Fourth of July!

And speaking about purchases....this is what SHE bought...and she doesn't even knit! Yes, I'm making her a shell from these balls of yarn. I'm going to have to improvise a bit...and use it double stranded to match the gauge of the pattern, but the yarn was on clearnace for $2.50 a even double stranded, it's a bargin! :)


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