Friday, February 10, 2006

Those socks...

Ahh, here they are...those lovely socks, I've been knitting at... On the left, is one off the needles, waiting it's turn for the after-thought heel and one with the heel stitches picked up and ready to start the heel. On the right is a close-up of the heel stitches picked up. I really wish I had the really short double points ...they would make this MUCH easier! With any luck, I'll have both heels finished by the end of the weekend...that is my goal. I'd love to have these finished and gift wrapped by Monday...a whole week ahead of schedule. There is just soooo much yarn calling my name!!! All wool...enough of this cotton, wool, nylon, elastic blend (Knitpicks "Dancing"). I'm sooo looking forward to something that doesn't stretch! This yarn twists upon itself so much easier for me than any other I've used...and that's annoying! :)


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