Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fingerless Gloves

What a search! My son came home from school with a borrowed pair of what he called "weird things" and asked me if I could knit him something like them... I was half afraid to see what he had! LOL Only a pair of fingerless gloves, with a flap that flipped over, covering the fingers and turning them into mittens. He said he wanted something like them, but not "with that flap-thingie". OK...much easier! But he wants the thumb knitted full (not a fingerless thumb). Here's the pattern I found... I'm going in search of yarn soon...making a trip to Harrisburg in two weeks to visit my sister...and she's playing "tour guide" for yarn stores! I'm hoping these are easy...I make my socks on two circs, so that is one reason I chose this pattern. And the thumb...well, I'm assuming I can just knit that up to the right length, decrease and close it up like I've done for mittens, all while keeping the fingers fingerless! KIDS!


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